Where To Find The Best Breakfast In Fredericksburg VA

Are you looking for a good place to eat breakfast in Fredericksburg? If so, you don’t have to look any further. This article is all about the top places to get your morning breakfast in the city of Fredericksburg VA. The only problem you’re going to have is picking which one you want to visit because they are all great choices.

As you are well aware, many places that serve breakfast also at least cater to the lunch crowds. You can expect that at Paradise Diner for sure. The place seems to have a type of Italian cuisine flare when it comes to the menu. It’s a good brunch spot if you’re running late. The crab cake breakfast is said to be a hit. And you might want to order up some pie, too.

Mercantile on William Street serves up a mean frittata. You can also order up cinnamon rolls and breakfast tacos. Then comes the brunch, and they have brisket. Need I say more? Pan fried apples, pork chops, drip coffee and all other kinds of goodies are on the menu at Mercantile, too. This may be the absolute best place to stop for breakfast or lunch. But wait, there are more choices!

You’re really going to like this next place, too, and it could be that it’s close by one of the places you’re visiting. It’s called Battlefield Restaurant, and the Lafayette Boulevard dining establishment has all the comfort food you are craving. It’s considered to be a hole in the wall according to reviews, which in my opinion makes it the perfect spot to enjoy a nice breakfast. What do you think?

Kickshaw Kitchen is another wonderful choice if you’re out for breakfast in Fredericksburg. The establishment is located on Sophia Street, and they have vegan options, too. Plus, you can count on Kickshaw Kitchen being a great place to order up a burger. Just like there are vegan options, you can also count on the food being gluten free. Perhaps this would be a great choice if you’re up for a healthier breakfast. I don’t know though because I’m thinking biscuits and gravy, pancakes, cinnamon rolls and all the southern cooking.

What type of breakfast do you want to have? I’d say that these four places are going to give you what you want. Find out which one is closest to you perhaps and make your way towards the best breakfast in Fredericksburg VA.